Sash Stile End Check Repair

Sash Stile End Check Repair

Detailed video tutorial “Sash Stile End Check Repair”

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This video shows a method for repairing splits at the end of the window sash stiles using wood-epoxy repair methods.
See this discussion:
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11 thoughts on “Sash Stile End Check Repair”

  1. Hello. When the window was made I'm sure they used glue along with dowels nails … Therefore getting glue on the mortise it's not going to matter it's going to help seal the tenon along with strengthening the over all joint.

  2. Seems like you mixed a whole lot of epoxy that is going to set before you can use it. The stuff is not cheap so why mix up so much at one time?

  3. In order to accurately locate your epoxy repair, why not tape over the areas you don't want to epoxy?

  4. John, enjoy your videos….just ordered your book thank you. The consolidant is wood petrifier yes?

  5. Thanks for the video! I just got your book and hoping to save the windows in my (new to me) 1910 home in Racine, Wi.

  6. I think your videos are the most comprehensive and Brilliant that I have ever seen. I am working on an 1852 building and a major restoration

  7. Thank you John! I learned a lot. ~willow~ project: kitchen window, 1912 Craftsman bungalow.

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